Sunday, 7 April 2013

Count down

Eeeeeeek not long can't wait :) xx

Friday, 5 April 2013


Looking young but feeling old Because your fat and always told, You think for you there is no hope Depressed with weight you can not cope, Now the time lets make new start Healthy food brand new heart, Start off breakfast tea and toast Just eat one or two the most, Biscuit buns and fancy cake No thank you we do not take, Apple orange plum or pear More for us we like to care, No more pies or greasy fries No thank you we got to wise, No junk food we changed out taste Our target now is smaller waist. From now on no sugar drinks Lemonade or coffee tea Better bitter sugar free. Exercise is what we need Not a plate to fill our greed, Take a jog or long good walk Don't just sit all day and talk. Or go the pool take a swim Burn those calories nice and slim, The future now is happy smile All new clothes in fashion style.

Why I love Him so...

You give to me hope And help me to cope When life pulls me down You bring me around You teach me to care And help me to share You make me honest With kindness the best From you I learned love With grace from above It's for you I live And I want to give You are the reason That fills each season When I hear love I think of you You are my world and best friend too I love you because you are so kind, thoughtful and caring I love you because you are so pleasant, lovely and sharing You treat me like a princess, That's every woman's dream, I love you so god damn much, I'm bursting at the seams.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Night time cuddles

Ah, the pleasure to sleep with your lover,
to feel body warmth,
soft gently breath of contented sleep,
comfort in a space shared,
an arm gently over your body,
a movement in sleep which leads to a cuddle or embrace,
perhaps even a sleepy kiss and to sleep again with your lover,
to know so much pleasure in time not concious to the woken mind,
to touch and feel safe,
to gently waken after sleeping with your lover,
Ah, the pleasure to sleep with your lover.............. ❤

My men!!

The beginning of my life starts with them :)

Always In Pain!

pain surrounds you day to day nothing helps it go away pain in muscles pain in joints pain so bad in trigger points. pain that comes and pain that goes pain that keeps you on your toes. pain that people think is in your head. pain that people don't know when you sit in your bed wishing you were dead pain that they will have to go through pain they will have to see. what it took to just be me. pain I go through just as a whole pain I wish will make me cool pain that they will never see what it took to just be me pain in your life that makes you strive to just survive pain that it took To just be me pain i go through. but people can't see.

Hard Times!

The three of us hold on tight, Never ever let go and we'll be alright, We've held on this long, And we've put up a fight, So don't let go now, And we'll make it through another night.

aint he cute ♥

aint he cute ♥