Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The day after!

YAYYYYYYYY i made it :)
i feel like someone is beating me up from the inside out bu at leats its all over and i dont have to worry about it any more :D
I have three holes in my stomache though its quite amusing lol
I am gutted i have 2 take a extra week off of work but i mch rather that than a hemorage hahaha :D
so all in all it went well and now its all over thank god :)
will have 2 think of some good things 2 blogg while im home 2 keep you guys interested :D be back later with a new blog bye xxx

Sunday, 27 June 2010

scared i might die

I hope i wake
I hope i live
But if i dont i have 2 say
Thnks 2 those who cared
Thanx to those who loved
Thanx to those who supported me through the ruff and the smooth
I wish u all happy endings
love ya

Monday, 21 June 2010

a fun day out

Well i had a awsome day today i went down the beach with my mam n dad and my youngest nephew! i got a lush tan and it was mega mega hot :D
im such a child i even made a sand castle it was plain but awsome check it out below :D even tha beach was stunning

aw it was such a lush day i would love to live in a flat/house looking over the beach and then in the summer i could just go n sunbath how awsome would that be :)

Monday, 14 June 2010

All Love Is Lost

Why wont you talk 2 me
What have i done
When did thigs get so sad
Why have i done that is sooo bad?

I love you lots
But you dont love me back
Your moods have changed
And i want you back

When we are happy we truly are
And when we are sad we fall apart
How can i help when you shut down
How can i vhange when you wont tell me how

So is this it
Is it all over
It feels that way
Yet you will not say...

I will wait until you tell me goobye
Once you have done so
I will sit down and cry

Friday, 11 June 2010

Blogg recap

hey well a little recap of the blogg so far i guess
still pretty crap lol but trying my hardest :D
sooo as u have already guessed i love twilight, i like writing poems and about my family! well i never had a diary so i guess this is like my long lost diary n it kinda helps to get things off of my chest without having to worry my rents :D
so if you like what u see so far then please please carry on reading! and if you dont well hay never mind :D lol
speak later xx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I hate it when we fight
I hate it when u shout
I hate when you start to pout

I hate it when u dont talk to me
I hate it when we disagree
I whish we could just get along
And stop this crap going on and on!

why do we argue?
Why do we fight
Why dont we ever see the light
We used 2 b soo close and happy
Oh thats right we are
its just we disagree all because your my mummy :D
Laura-Jayne Barcello

a happy happt day for me!!

im sooooooooooo chuffed i only went 2 tessco 2 get out of the house and came back with the following items:
eclipse soundtrack
bree tanner book
a new wii game
and a mcdonalds all payed for by the boyfriend woop woop go me
i cant wait to read all the book and listen to the entier cd :D
soooo excited

Monday, 7 June 2010

a crapy day

well 2day i watched new moon and twiligh in that oder weird! i hate being n tha sick 4 ages no money n nothing 2 do :(
the boyfriend is not himself either and wont tell me whats up hmm... men there sooooo confussing! my friend amy couldnt come down coz she was moving out of her halls and back home :(
so all in all a boring day!!
but on a plus side twilight did mega well in the mtv awards and the new clip is finally here wanna c go to the next post n my blogg :)
well will hopefuly have more and much better news for u guys tomorrow :)
night night
Laura xxxx

Sunday, 6 June 2010

A Lovers Spell

Here us now the woman call
He who make our hearts form whole
We come as one
With our sisters glee
And ask u 2 love us for eternity
By Laura-Jayne Barcello xxxx ♥♥


heya :) like i said in my last post i would let i know if i dreamt anything lol :)
well my dreams were weird i dremt tha me n kstew n rpattz were like best friends lol god i wish hahaaha :D
soo i have 2 face the day ahead lol :)
what 2 do??
any ideas lol? xx

Saturday, 5 June 2010

good night

Its time for me 2 turn in and watch a film before bed lol :)
all i hope is i dream about all the real good things in my life :D
my wonderful boyfriend
my family
my best friend amy collins
and my future and how i want it 2 be :D
well wat ever i dream about i will try to rember and let you guys know tomorow :D
night evey one love ya xxxx


The birds are tweeting
The dog is barking
The men are shouting
And i am watching

The sun is setting
The moon is rising
The cats are crying
And i am watching

The stars are sparkling
The clouds are parting
The children are sleeping
And im still watching

By Laura-Jayne Barcello xx

my holidays

Me and my boyfriend (geraint) went on holiday 2 greece it was amazing!!
i loved every minute of it! we went on a boat trip 2 turtal island and to ship wreck cove! it was soooo hot they were having a heat wave the whole time we were there it was like 35 degrees every singal day :! the hotel we stayed in was amazing aswell!
it was i think the best holiday i have been on not that i have been on many holidays :)!
when i was 7 and then again at around 9 years old i went 2 spain menorca 2 b exact :)that was also amazing i just cant remeber much of it because i was soooo young. then again when i was about 12 or 13 i went 2 italy omg that was also amazing :D italy is such a romantic country!! Any couple that is looking for a romantic getaway i do suggest italy :D
so there it is thoses are my only holidays and i loved every place i went 2 and i loved every singal holiday :D all the above pic are from greece xxxx

why does life somtimes suck!

with my bad ankle and still not being able 2 walk im getting more and more frustrated every day i have off from work. I miss all the girls. My mum, i love her, but speanding every singal day with her non stop is driving me insain :)
I hate being unable to do my own thing i want my independance back!
im feeling soo sad at the moment but yet i have nothing 2 be sad about well nothing
new anyway. Im hoping that as soon as I can walk agian everything will start to look up again. Does anyone know why when things start getting good somthing or someone comes along and ruins your happy moment. WELL THAT SUCKS!!!!!!

Friday, 4 June 2010

my mum and dad :)

my mum well what can i say about here lol. my mum is amazing yes she does my head in,yes we argue,but she means the world 2 me my whole family does.
like i sed in a previous post when things get tuff my mum is there for me always no matter what. about 2 years ago my mum got really really ill n doctors tolds they didnt know if she was goin 2 make it and my heart sunk! i cant live without her!
i thought 2 myself what will happen next time somthing goes wrong and i need advice ect...
and then it came 2 me i have my dad :):
my dad oh we fight oh we argue more so than me n mum bu again when thigs get tuff i know he is there 4 me. ok soo he mite b a bit soppy naw n then bu i still love him dearly :)
my mum and dad raised me 2 b the person i am today and i will be forever grateful because they gave me everything a girl could wish for! they even went without so i coulb be happy :D
thank you mum and dad i love you xxxxx ♥♥♥♥

me n my girls

i love going out with the girls we have soooooooo much fun :D
we love to go out 2 clubs and get drunk, dance and sing :)
we also go out im my car and just chat and sing along 2 my cds oh the fun lol
my friends are amy and faye there sooooooo funny and im mega mega lucky 2 have them :D
they help through all my probs in life :D

Thursday, 3 June 2010


in my life alot of hings have happend the good the bad and the ugly, and i found what helped me the most was looking towards somthing or looking up 2 someone.
when things got tuff i was lucky i had my mum 2 go 2 for advise or help or even comfort, and to be honest even now and the age of 19 i still turn 2 my mum for help when thigs get tuff! even in my sadest of times (there have been alot of those) i had my mum :) but i know some people out there arent as lucky as i am so therefore you need to find a friend or another family member to depend on when things get tuff. but if it is a friend make sure its someone you can trust because some people arent who they say they are and i know this from experiance.
but the key thing is when yourb chips are down always look towards the positive it makes things a little easier.
so if anybody out there reading this is having a tuff time at the moment the just remeber find some you can trust talk 2 them and pick yourself up and brush yourself down and i promise things will get better soon :D xx


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Free MP3 | MP3-Codes.com

what is he thinking?

I sit and take a bit.
he waches my every move.
he lyes at my feet,
wimperiing quietly, looking so sad and upset.
what is he thinking,
whst would he say if he could talk?
what would he do i he could stand tall?
we will never know the answer to these questions.
because he is a dog!
♥ x ♥ x

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Free MP3 | MP3-Codes.com

I might have a bad day

well im off to the hospital 2 have my broken ankle looked at.
now either this will turn out to be good news and it will be fixed,
or it wont b such good news and i will cry lol
will let you know :)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

my love for animals

i have many animals u have seen my two horses my dog i naw have
to track down tthe cats for you
take a pic of them both
and upload it for you lol
:) x ♥

love ♥

i love you
you love me and thats what makes us happy! ♥
when your near or
when your far my heart still races like a car ♥
you keep me whole
you keep me sain
so please dont leave me ever again!
by Laura-jayne ♥

i have no idea what 2 call this

ok so im new 2 using this so until i get used 2 using it my post are guna b pretty poop :(
sorry for the lack of knowledge just bare with me and things will pick up soon :)

aint he cute ♥

aint he cute ♥