Saturday, 5 June 2010

my holidays

Me and my boyfriend (geraint) went on holiday 2 greece it was amazing!!
i loved every minute of it! we went on a boat trip 2 turtal island and to ship wreck cove! it was soooo hot they were having a heat wave the whole time we were there it was like 35 degrees every singal day :! the hotel we stayed in was amazing aswell!
it was i think the best holiday i have been on not that i have been on many holidays :)!
when i was 7 and then again at around 9 years old i went 2 spain menorca 2 b exact :)that was also amazing i just cant remeber much of it because i was soooo young. then again when i was about 12 or 13 i went 2 italy omg that was also amazing :D italy is such a romantic country!! Any couple that is looking for a romantic getaway i do suggest italy :D
so there it is thoses are my only holidays and i loved every place i went 2 and i loved every singal holiday :D all the above pic are from greece xxxx


aint he cute ♥

aint he cute ♥