Friday, 4 June 2010

my mum and dad :)

my mum well what can i say about here lol. my mum is amazing yes she does my head in,yes we argue,but she means the world 2 me my whole family does.
like i sed in a previous post when things get tuff my mum is there for me always no matter what. about 2 years ago my mum got really really ill n doctors tolds they didnt know if she was goin 2 make it and my heart sunk! i cant live without her!
i thought 2 myself what will happen next time somthing goes wrong and i need advice ect...
and then it came 2 me i have my dad :):
my dad oh we fight oh we argue more so than me n mum bu again when thigs get tuff i know he is there 4 me. ok soo he mite b a bit soppy naw n then bu i still love him dearly :)
my mum and dad raised me 2 b the person i am today and i will be forever grateful because they gave me everything a girl could wish for! they even went without so i coulb be happy :D
thank you mum and dad i love you xxxxx ♥♥♥♥


aint he cute ♥

aint he cute ♥