Thursday, 3 June 2010


in my life alot of hings have happend the good the bad and the ugly, and i found what helped me the most was looking towards somthing or looking up 2 someone.
when things got tuff i was lucky i had my mum 2 go 2 for advise or help or even comfort, and to be honest even now and the age of 19 i still turn 2 my mum for help when thigs get tuff! even in my sadest of times (there have been alot of those) i had my mum :) but i know some people out there arent as lucky as i am so therefore you need to find a friend or another family member to depend on when things get tuff. but if it is a friend make sure its someone you can trust because some people arent who they say they are and i know this from experiance.
but the key thing is when yourb chips are down always look towards the positive it makes things a little easier.
so if anybody out there reading this is having a tuff time at the moment the just remeber find some you can trust talk 2 them and pick yourself up and brush yourself down and i promise things will get better soon :D xx


aint he cute ♥

aint he cute ♥